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Open House Sales

Open House Sales

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell your probate property without paying a fee?

Well, now you can, with the Smart Property Sale no-fee open house Sales!

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Show your property to the open market and get more offers. 

We specialise in selling probate properties, achieving the highest possible sale price with no fees to the seller maximising your inheritance. We can even arrange fixed fee probate or show you how to carry out the probate work yourself.

Our no-fee open house is specially designed to drive interest and produce higher offers.

Generate interest – produce quick offers

Our registered buyers are serious property people. They don’t have time to waste looking at houses that they have no intention of buying.

This means that when we put on our fee-free open house, you are showing to people who are ready and willing to buy quickly.

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Make more money for the estate

When you sell a probate property you can often find that fees and charges start to eat away at the sale price leaving the estate with a much-reduced realised value.

Our fee-free open house service doesn’t charge the seller which means that the beneficiaries get to share a much larger pot and if you use our probate fixed fee or DIY service, you can be sure you will be saving the estate thousands of pounds.

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How it works

Smart Property Sales look after everything. Professional imagery, Floorplans, searches, EPC’s, Legal packs, open house days, etc. 

We then list your property on the market-leading property portals such as Zoopla, On the Market, Prime Location and to our social channels. 

We also have a large database of willing cash buyers who are constantly searching for properties.

When we arrange an open house, we use our years of property knowledge to publicise your event, producing much more interest and bringing in buyers who are ready to deal.

We show the property and look after the enquiries. We manage the offer process end to end.

And best of all? Our buyers pay our fees, meaning that you get the full sale price to add to the estate.

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No fuss, No stress, No fees

Our no-fee open house day is a managed service.

We publicise your property, we speak with the buyers, we manage the event.

All of the administration is taken care of by our experienced team who make sure that things like professional photography, EPCs, floorplans and legal packs are available on the day, giving potential purchasers the smoothest of transactions.

This means that you can relax, secure in the knowledge that experienced property professionals are liaising with keen buyers on your behalf.

You simply instruct us, sit back and relax knowing that we are working hard to achieve the very best sale price for you.

Competitive bids produce a better sale outcome

When you have a series of buyers all after the same property you generally achieve a higher sale price.

Known as the ‘bicycle wheel effect’ this can be seen most readily at auction where buyers force up the sale price through sheer competitiveness.

With our open house service, you get the benefits of the bicycle wheel effect but multiplied by the fact that our purchasers are professionals who need property quickly and are usually cash buyers.

This results in a better sale price and much quicker completion with fewer complications.

It’s a win, win, win!

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A service designed especially for executors

As an executor, you have a duty to realise the most value for the estate whilst retaining full transparency.

Whether you are a professional executor or administering the estate of a friend or family member, you really don’t want to be dealing with EPCs, searches and legal packs.

Our open house service is designed to help you sell property with the minimum of fuss and maximum speed and we take care of the admin.

Importantly, because our process is totally open and transparent you can reassure the estate beneficiaries that their interests are being safeguarded.

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How our fee-free open house benefits you

  • Produces more interest in the property
  • Retains the full sale price in the estate
  • Often achieves a better selling price
  • Zero fees for the seller
  • No-sale, No-fee
  • We manage it on your behalf
  • Dedicated sale manager
  • Completely transparent process

Fee-free open house is different

  • No fee for the seller
  • Quicker sales
  • Buyers view all together rather than over weeks
  • Less admin
  • Achieves a better selling price
  • No-sale, No-fee
  • Totally transparent process

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