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For years the traditional choice when selling a property has been between price and speed.

You can place your property with an estate agent and wait possibly months to get a true market price. Or you can sell through a specialist property auction where the sale can be extremely quick but where the price realised could be way below what you could achieve on the open market.

Even worse – with both of these options the seller pays a high fee to end up with what is often a less than satisfactory result. We thought there had to be a better way and that’s why we developed Smart Property Sales – the modern way to sell residential or commercial property.

A different way to sell property

Using our service, sellers can have their property attractively listed in a way that allows it to be seen by many more buyers meaning that the chances of a quick sale for the true market value are greatly increased.

We use a modern auction model, setting a reserve price that the vendor is completely comfortable with and that is achievable in the prevailing property market.

Once listed we spend time thoroughly marketing the property, taking a ‘whole of market’ approach which places the details before many more potential buyers. Using superb imagery and professional descriptions designed to foster interest in the sale we put our complete efforts into introducing the property to buyers.

We conduct professional open days to enable buyers to see the property and provide legal packs which give them all of the information they need to place a bid. Our Smart property Sales auction can be set to run for days depending upon the seller’s preference and unlike traditional auctions which can be over in seconds, our method allows sellers to retain total control over the final hammer price. Best of all though, our buyers pay the fee for the service meaning that you are able to keep much more of the hammer price than in an old-fashioned auction.

Our aim is simple:- To maximise the price obtained for your property and to make sure you retain complete control.

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Complete transparency and control for sellers

Our model was developed and tested by leading industry experts.

This is designed to give you complete peace of mind by agreeing, securing, then exceeding the reserve price that you set.

This means that you can be sure of no surprises or disappointments with the sale of your property.

If you choose, we can also offer ‘buy it now‘ options, and you can instantly accept offers on your property before, during and even after an auction ends, just like a traditional estate agent.

This ensures you have the benefits of both traditional auctions and estate agencies throughout the entire sale process and are always in complete control.

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that bids are never missed, and the true market value of your property is always achieved within a time frame that you are comfortable with.

The anti-sniping technology we use means that if someone bids in the dying seconds, the auction time is extended, thus further maximising the sale price.

All of our auctions are tailored to your exact needs and circumstances. With our model, you always have full control throughout the process and have the biggest benefits of a traditional estate agency as well as those of an auction.

If your property doesn't sell, you can simply walk away without paying us a penny.

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Appraisal & valuation


Tailor auction/sale


Instruct us


Market the property


Maximise bidding


Secure & exceed the reserve






No sale no fee

Why are we a better choice than traditional auctions?

Traditional property auctions are usually associated with problematic, dilapidated or repossessed, properties that nobody wants, however, this couldn’t be further than the truth with a Smart Property Sale auction.

Properties in any condition or any location can exceed estate agent valuations using our modern auction model by on average 20%.

hello@smartproperty.saleThe auction model is an excellent way to maximise the sale price of any property. However, traditional ‘in the room’ auctions charge high fees to both vendors and buyers. This can limit the maximum budget of buyers as bidders have no choice but to factor the high auction fees into their budget.

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Open House Sales

Traditional auctions have far more overheads than our online auction with buildings costs, business rates, staff costs, insurances and maintenance all passed on to both seller and buyer.

All of these overheads in the form of a high buyer premium can affect the maximum a buyer will bid and will certainly reduce the final payment to the vendor after the seller’s premium is deducted from the hammer price. 

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Low fees for buyers – no fees for sellers

Our software removes these expenses meaning higher sale prices for our vendors.

Traditional auction fees are typically 4% of the final sale price of the property and these are charged to both parties in some cases. These high fees are one of the main reasons properties at a traditional auction are sold under market value and is what makes vendors uneasy about using a traditional auction.

Our buyer fee is just 2% and low fees are extremely attractive for our bidders which is why we can attract far more potential buyers than traditional auctions.

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Why choose Smart Property Sales?

We are so confident that our model works much better and achieves a higher sale price than traditional estate agents or an auction we cover all the marketing fees for you, so you do not have to pay us a penny for the sale of your property.

  • Zero selling fees
  • Achieves higher sale price than traditional estate agents or auction
  • Maximises final sale price
  • The true market value is achieved
  • No surprises, as the reserve price is set by vendors
  • Anti-sniping technology (auction extended when last minute bids are made)
  • Expert valuations
  • Properties listed on the open market
  • Properties marketed for an appropriate length of time
  • Bidding can last for days not minutes unlike in the room auctions
  • ‘Buy it now’ option before, during and after the auction ends
  • Serious bidders only as a deposit is taken before auction day
  • Walk away free of charge if there is no sale
  • Cash buyer and mortgage friendly service
  • Property ombudsman conditions
  • Professional imagery, EPC’s floor plans and open days taken care of
  • Properties listed on Zoopla, Prime location and to our investor database
  • Investors notified pre-auction

Property sales for executors

Executors of estates have a very difficult job. Often beneficiaries will question why it has taken a long time to realise value from a property but conversely when a property is sold quickly will complain that the sale price could have been greater! It’sa no-win situation.

Allied to this it is important to have a fully transparent method of sale that will prove that any assets were sold for the best available value.

Executors also have to spend time dealing with estate agents, potential buyers and lawyers which all eat into the fees they can charge and ultimately the value realised for the estate.

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Smart Property Sales is designed specifically to help with executor sales.

Once instructed we take care of all of the paperwork required including EPCs, Floor plans, Imagery and descriptions. We run open days for potential buyers and handle all marketing requirements.

The open nature of our service means that potential beneficiaries can even watch the auction taking place, increasing transparency and giving them a sense of security.

Our low-fee auction model realises the true market price for the property and due to the extremely low fees returns more to the estate than would otherwise have been the case.

Using the Smart Property Sale method, executors can exceed reserves prices and with a quick sale.

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Executor services

If you are dealing with the administration of an estate, we can arrange many property related services to help you carry out your duties effectively and with the minimum of fuss.

Paperwork and valuables recovery

Whilst dealing with an estate, it is vital you have all the relevant paperwork to carry out the tasks of an executor.If you can’t physically get to a property to find documents such as the Will, title deeds, pension, bank accounts, etc.we can attend and search properties for these documents for you. We can also offer inventory reports and secure storage for any valuable items.

Vacant property Insurance a security

  • Flexible vacant property insurance
  • System drain downs
  • Locks changed
  • Key safes fitted
  • Insurance inspections
  • House sitting
  • Key courier service
  • Alarms fitted

House clearance

We can arrange professional house clearances, anywhere in the UK and all our contractors are trained to deal with the sensitivity and circumstances with probate matters.

Any waste cleared under our control will be disposed of discreetly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Asset valuation

HMRC require accurate valuations from executors so they can calculate if there is any Inheritance tax to pay.

It’s vital to have industry expert valuations for any valuable items that need to be submitted in your application.We can offer valuation service for any or all assets you need to evaluate.

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