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Executors are rushing to use this free property sale service!

For years the traditional choice when selling a property has been between price and speed. You can place your property with an estate agent and wait possibly months to get a true
market price. Or you can sell through a specialist property auction where the sale can be
extremely quick but where the price realised could be way below what you could achieve
on the open market.
Even worse – with both of these options the seller pays a high fee to end up with what is
often a less than satisfactory result. We thought there had to be a better way and that’s
why we developed Smart Property Sales – the modern way to sell residential or
commercial property.
A different way to sell property
Using our service, sellers can have their property attractively listed in a way that allows it
to be seen by many more buyers meaning that the chances of a quick sale for the true
market value are greatly increased.
We use a modern auction model, setting a reserve price that the vendor is completely
comfortable with and that is achievable in the prevailing property market.
Once listed we spend time thoroughly marketing the property, taking a ‘whole of market’
approach which places the details before many more potential buyers. Using superb
imagery and professional descriptions designed to foster interest in the sale we put our
complete efforts into introducing the property to buyers.
We conduct professional open days to enable buyers to see the property and provide
legal packs which give them all of the information they need to place a bid. Our Smart
property Sales auction can be set to run for days depending upon the seller’s preference
and unlike traditional auctions which can be over in seconds, our method allows sellers
to retain total control over the final hammer price. Best of all though, our buyers pay the
fee for the service meaning that you are able to keep much more of the hammer price
than in an old-fashioned auction.
Our aim is simple:- To maximise the price obtained for your property and to make sure
you retain complete control.

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